What is the difference between a battery and a pile?

Electric vehicle charging pile and charging machine (ev charger with battery)are common devices for electric vehicle charging, but because of their different functions, there is a big difference between them. The following are discussed from the structure, installation mode, service object, installation position, functional characteristics and other aspects of the difference between them, so that readers can better understand the difference between the two.


Charging pile and ev charger with battery are two different devices, although they can charge electric vehicles, but their definition and function are very different.
A charging pile is a facility that can provide charging services for electric vehicles and is usually a fixed device on a column or wall in appearance. Charging piles generally need to be networked with charging stations and can be remotely monitored and managed. Charging piles generally need to be installed in fixed locations, and are widely used in public places such as parking lots, communities, and shopping malls.
The ev charger with battery is a portable charging device, usually small in size and easy to carry. The charging speed of the charger is generally slower than that of the charging pile, which is suitable for the charging needs of some driving. The charger generally needs to be powered by a car cigarette lighter or an external generator.


There are also obvious differences between charging piles and ev charger with battery in appearance. The charging pile is usually fixed in one position, and the appearance design is not very flexible. The charger needs to be attached to the body and looks more flexible in appearance.

Basic functions

The basic functions of charging piles and ev charger with battery are also very different, which is the biggest difference between them. Charging piles usually have more functions, such as authentication, charge flow control, payment, etc. The function of the charger is relatively simple, usually only can provide charging function.

Use scenario

There are also large differences in the use scenarios of charging piles and charging machines. Charging piles are usually placed in one place, suitable for long-term charging needs, such as shopping malls, parking lots, etc. The charger is suitable for charging needs on the road, such as tour buses, trucks and so on.
In summary, although charging piles and chargers are both devices that provide charging services for electric vehicles, there are great differences in their definition, appearance, function and use scenarios. Understand the difference between them, you can better choose the appropriate charging equipment.

The installation method is different

Electric vehicle charging piles basically only need to be connected to the power supply network, and can be installed and used immediately; The charger needs to be installed by professional and technical personnel, and is installed in the rear section of the home grid, and the installation difficulty is relatively high.

The service object is different

Electric vehicle charging piles mainly serve the society and are public facilities; The charger can serve both individuals and large enterprises, companies, etc., and is a private facility for family use or business use.

The installation position is different

The installation location of electric vehicle charging piles is generally in public places, such as shopping centers, shopping malls and public parking lots, which is mainly based on public services; But the charger can be installed at home, can also be installed in the enterprise electric vehicle charging equipment, non-public, private use. Electric vehicle charging piles are outdoor charging devices installed in public places such as along public travel paths or on the street. Ordinary charging piles require public input and are operated by enterprises or service providers on their behalf. In contrast, the installation location of the charger is more flexible, the type of installation site is more diverse, and the household charger can also be installed in a variety of different places such as indoor and outdoor, and because the charger is generally only for a certain owner of the service, does not require public input, and can be used by individuals or companies personalized customization, which can meet the needs of individual owners. It can also make full use of the site to help improve the utilization of parking space.

Different functional characteristics

Electric vehicle charging pile has the characteristics of easy operation and fast charging, and can be used continuously for a long time; The charger has the characteristics of stable, reliable and safe and reliable, suitable for less harsh environments, can adhere to the constant use of charging media, the time is slightly slower than the charging pile, has the safety protection function, can provide high-quality service, more reliable and safe.

To sum up, the electric vehicle charging pile and charging machine structure, installation method, service object, installation location, functional characteristics and other aspects have their own characteristics, when choosing charging equipment, it must be carefully considered according to the actual use needs, in order to choose the right product, while ensuring safety and providing high-performance services.

The power of electric vehicle charging pile and charging machine is different

The output power of electric vehicle charging pile is generally relatively large, which can meet the needs of multiple electric vehicles charging at the same time, because the power generation point is less, the supporting charging power is relatively high, even if a charging pile only supports the charging of a car, the car can also be filled with batteries. However, the output power of the charger is usually much smaller than that of the pile, generally no more than 3KW, mainly for individual owners, to meet the charging needs of small and large vehicle platforms.

The interactive operation of electric vehicle charging pile and charging machine is also different

When the electric vehicle charging pile is displayed, it is generally required to go online through the APP to realize the operation and maintenance of the operator and the status monitoring of the equipment. For the use of the car owner, the charging medium can be issued and charged by scanning the code or pressing the button. For the charger, you can directly use a series of special cards from the card issuer, or you can also use a mobile phone APP to realize payment and start charging. In addition, in many cases, you can achieve interactive operation with the charger through Bluetooth, WIFI, etc., to achieve charging meter classification reporting, automatic connection to the power supply, statistics of the total charging status and other functions.


In short, electric vehicle charging piles and chargers have their own characteristics, and they each have their own use scenarios and fast charging methods, which can meet the different needs of electric vehicle power supplement. In special scenarios, one party may be better than the other, but the charging equipment combined by the two will definitely greatly facilitate more riders and more effectively promote the development of electric vehicles.

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